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How to Register WAEC – Payment for the examination

Newly appointed Head of Schools and Principals as well as private WAEC candidates often times wonder where to start how to register WAEC and Pay for the examination. WAEC Registration in online using the The West African Examinations Council user firendly e-Registration System. Before proper online registration and form submission, candidates are required to make payment for the examination. This articles focuses on How to Register WAEC – Payment for the examination.

If you are a school administrator, you are expected to collect the approved registration fees from all their candidates and issue one bank draft in favour of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC). This cheque is paid at the WAEC Zonal/Branch Office in charge of their State. The designated WAEC Finance Officer in the Zonal/Branch Office enters information regarding the payment on his computer and issued the school a scratch card or pay voucher containing information to enable the Principal/Examination Officer sign up to the e-Registration Website.

However, to make the online registration trouble-free especially for schools without Internet Service in their locality, we have made provision for offline registration on their standalone PCs or through Business Centers in their locality. The CD-ROM containing this offline registration facility will be given to schools along with the pay voucher upon payment. This also means that schools could start registering their candidates as they collect entry fees from them. Please see details of the offline registration in Section 2.8. Contact our Business Centers located at No. 37 Ikpa Road Uyo for your online WAEC Registration with one torch.

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  1. why don’t d waec body in charge of junior waec extend d registration date, so that some candidates dat are yet to register may do so?

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