How to Register for Nov-Dec WAEC GCE 2016

In this post, I will teach you how to Register for Nov-Dec WAEC GCE 2016 and the Registration Procedures

Please note that registration of NOV/Dec GCE for 2016/2017 requires a biometric capture and a finger print scanner will be used for the initial login to WAEC registration portal. If you are online exams registrar, you are advised to download WAEC  Biometric Data Capture.

As outlined in WAEC Online Website, the registration procedure involves 9 steps as follows:
(1) Login
(2) Biodata
(3) Passport Uplaod and Validation
(4) Contact Information
(5) Exams Town Selection
(6) Subjects Selection
(7) Declaration
(8) Submission of application
(9) Printing of Photo card and Admission Notice

Ofcourse the last but not the least instruction is to use the resources of this website to prepare for your exams.  Share this information to your friends and like us on facebook.

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  1. Thanks for the information, I really learnt a lot from HOW TO MAKE 8 A’s and B’s… in WAEC GCE Exams and I’d like to share this with other applicants like me.

    My own case is that I lost my GCE 1998 result and I want to write another one this year 2016, my question is; Is it possible for me to register and start schooling programme with NOUN UNIVERSITY before my result comes out.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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