How to read at home for jamb cbt examination

In this guide, I will show you how to read at home for jamb cbt examination. I earlier advised that JAMB CBT candidates should attend computer school and extramural classes to refresh their brains and remember facts that may have been forgotten. This is till the best advice so far…

But if you prefer to stay at home, you must follow this guidelines if not, you may not succeed.

1. Make Sure you Have JAMB Past Questions: To read at home for jamb, you need to have previous years jamb past questions. Make sure you have JAMB past question for about 10 years on your core four subject. For instance, if you course is Medicine and Surgry, make sure you have JAMB past question for Use of English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This will help you to know the nature of the exam. See how ExamGuru Candidate Scored 296 in Last Year JAMB CBT, See what She Did

2. Make Sure you have Reading Time Table: Reading alone at home may be difficult. There at home, you may be surrounded with lots of distractions from your siblings, domestic activities and so on. So, if you are reading at home for jamb, you must be very disciplined. Create a reading time table and follow it religiously. Further Reading: Top Ten Tips to Pass JAMB.

3. Make Sure you Learn Computer Usage: JAMB examination are written on computer. So, you have to be very sure that you know how to operate computer. Last year, I supervised JAMB CBT exam and I discovered how many candidates suffered to pick the correct answer on the screen even after the know it. This is a very serious matter. So, if you want to read at home for jamb cbt, you have to learn how to write jamb using computer.

4. Don’t Use your Phone while reading: If you use your phone when you are reading, you will be highly distracted. So, if you are reading at home for jamb, make sure you swtch off your phone and drop it somewhere for avoid distractions.

Your thought!

Do you have any other better idea to read at home for jamb cbt exam? if yes, share with us in the comments section below. If you want to buy JAMB Past Questions and answers click here

I wish you success on your exams.

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