How to pass jamb without cheating

Do you want to learn how to pass jamb without cheating? If yes, read on to discover. It was a thing of joy when one of my candidate called me yesterday as asked, how can I pass jamb without cheating? Indeed I was really happy knowing that there are few candidates who still have the desire to study and pass jamb while others are looking expo. I tried to answer her on phone but I said that I must share the tips here so that others will also benefit from them. 

It’s a sad thing that many candidates don’t even know how to pass jamb once. I have written 10 reasons why students fail jamb cbt exam. Go and read that post so that you can avoid their mistakes.  

Here is how to pass jamb without cheating

Do you want to know how to pass jamb excellently?, If yes, here are the only working ideas for you.

  1. Use JAMB syllabus and read the recommended books
  2. Learn computer skills and know how to write jamb using computer
  3. Get JAMB past Questions and Answers and write mock exams before the exam day
  4. Learn how to deal with multiple choice questions exam
  5. Use these 100 tips to prepare and pass any exam on earth.

With the above tips, you can see that preparation is the key. There is no other way out now that JAMB is conducted on a computer. There is nothing like expo again. Imagine a candidate asking how to pass jamb without reading, I answered him…there is nothing like that. You will fail if you do not read.

Now, What does it Mean to Pass JAMB

In passing jamb, I mean scoring very high to beat your school’s cut off mark. That is, if you want to study Medicine and Surgery in OAU, you need to score at least 260 before you can start to praise yourself. 

Things you should Avoid when preparing for JAMB

  1. Avoid distraction
  2. Avoid excessive usage of social networks
  3. Don’t expect anything like expo

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