How to crack JEE Mains?

Entrance exams are definitely one of the most taxing event of a student’s life. No matter how well prepared you are; you are bound to get bogged by the immensity of the situation. The importance of education has definitely put the pressure on you, and not qualifying the entrance exams is something you cannot afford.  

“Dedication, honesty and focus are more important than coaching. The key to success in IIT is to always keep your motivation high. I tried to maintain continuity in my studies. It is important to keep your inner strength in face of momentary setbacks” – Chitraang Murdia, 2014 IIT-JEE topper.

When it comes to the qualifying exam for an aspiring engineer; they are definitely under immense pressure to crack the dreaded JEE mains. Most of them start preparing since their 9th-10th standard. They enroll into various coaching centers, and give their life to this. Most of them religiously follow through every note and instruction, and do whatever it takes to balance their school and the preparation for entrance tests.

But somehow, some of them still fall short and are left disappointed at the end. Later you might ask yourself why you didn’t qualify. – But before you reach that level, you should try avoid these following things:

  • Completely dependent on Coaching: Yes, coaching is definitely one of the most effective tools for qualifying JEE mains; but it isn’t enough. Unless you are extremely serious about your entrance exam, no matter how successful the coaching has been in the past – It would not be able to help you. Just those 3-4 hours at a study group isn’t enough to make it into the best engineering colleges of India. You need to be religiously studying and practicing – even when you are not in your coaching classes. Understand – coaching is just a tool, not a guarantee for success.


  • Know it all: Some students do not understand the gravity of the situation. Even if you know everything related to your studies, do not assume that JEE would be easy. You have to take it seriously. You could be a topper in your batch, and still might not be able to crack it. If you are being lax about it, think about the importance of clearing this test and your future; start your preparation now. The best way to know where you stand or how well prepared you are is to take the mock test.


  • Unprepared: Cracking JEE is not something that can be tackled by everyone. Before you take up the humungous task, you need to make sure that you are up for it. It requires constant dedication and hard work. If you are not well prepared for your exam, there is hardly any chance that you would crack it.


  • Overexertion: The flipside of too much preparation is overexertion. If your brain doesn’t get the required amount of sleep or if it doesn’t have the space to breathe; it would cause mental and physical exhaustion. That can definitely lead to your failure in an examination. You need to balance it out – make sure you give time to yourself, to breathe and let your brain retain whatever you learnt. Eat right, sleep right, go out and study – Make sure your timetable has time for all of these.


  • Panic and Anxiety: Sometimes right before your exam, you might feel a tinge of panic and anxiety. This might lead to your getting blank during exams, feeling sick and uneasy. As a result you would not being able to give the best at your test. This is definitely something you need to curb. The symptoms for this is irritable behavior, restless sleep, poor appetite, tendency to gulp down coffee and tea like its water and butterflies in your stomach. Many in the past have succumbed to this, and were not able to make it.


To avoid this you have be well prepared but not overexert yourself. If you are feeling the pressure then find ways to divert yourself. Watch your favorite television show, go out and relax. Take a break for an hour and two; then come back to your books. You can also try various stress busting tactics.


  • Already accepted Failure: Some students, even before sitting for the exam – accept failure. The idea of not qualifying has already been set into their heads. They have mentally quit and hence they are not preparing with all their heart for the exam. If you are one of them, change your thoughts. Be positive. Anyone can clear JEE. You do not need to be a scholar to qualify it. All you need is the determination and the diligence to crack it. Keep on telling yourself that you can do it.


  • Procrastinator: I will do it tomorrow.’ Are you one of those? Remember tomorrow never comes. You need to start it today. As the days go, so does the opportunity to crack JEE. This entrance exam requires a lot of practice. Just because you know the course and subject – It doesn’t mean you can procrastinate it. You need to pick up the book today and start practicing it.

Never give up, even if you cannot solve something and you feel it is getting too much for you – do not let it go. Learn, understand and practice– these are the three major weapons to clear your engineering entrance exams. So start now before it is too late. All the best for your preparation.


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