How Many Questions are to be Answered in JAMB CBT Examination?

JAMB CBT Questions: How Many Questions are to be Answered in  JAMB CBT Examination? This is a very important question.

Considering the fact that JAMB has fully adopted the Computer Based Test as hitherto Paper and Pencil test, many expectations are that there will be changes in the structure and nature of the examination in terms of number of questions and duration of the exam.

But this is not so. JAMB still maintains the former examination structure. In JAMB CBT, the total number of questions you will answer is 250. See the breakdown below

JAMB CBT Number of Questions

  • Use of English = 100 questions
  • Other 3 relevant subjects = 50 questions each = 150 questions
  • Total = 250 questions

JAMB CBT Duration of the exam

The duration of JAMB CBT still remains 3 hrs 30 min like the paper and pencil exam. So there is no change.

Now that you know what you are expected to face in the exam hall, all you need to tighten your seat belt and face it squarely.

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