How is JAMB CBT Conducted from Arrival to Exam

Is this your first time of writing JAMB CBT exam? if yes, you will definitely need to know how is jamb cbt conducted. This will help you to prepare very well for the exam.

Here are the processes how is jamb cbt conducted.

JAMB CBT Exam Date, Venue and Time

You will see your exam date after printing your JAMB registration slip. If you have not printed your jamb slip do it here now. After print your JAMB slip, you will see the date of your jamb exam as well as the venue.

You have to arrive at the venue about 1hour to your exam time. If not, you may miss your exam because unplanned logistics.

First Screening

The first screening will be done by the security operatives deployed at the exam venue. All candidates will be asked to stand in a row (single file) while their they are checked in to the exam hall.

The security personnel checked for

(1) impersonation

(2) Use of materials that not related to exam (expo, phones etc)

(3) Fingerprint confirmation

(4) Exam date and time confirmation

After all this, the candidate is asked to get into the exam hall.

In the Exam Hall

In the exam, candidates are asked to sit on a computer that carried their exam number and get ready for the exam. Candidates are given exam materials such as calculators, pads, etc.

JAMB exam exam is three and a half hour. All the questions for the jamb exam are displayed on the computer and candidates are expected to submit the answers on the computer too.

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