How Hard is JAMB CBT Examination? Tell us How it Was

How Hard is JAMB CBT Examination? Tell us How it Was Many candidates who took part in the previous JAMB CBT examination claims that the exam is easier than the paper and pencil test. We cannot confirm this fact since few students who took part in the examination made this ascertain.

That’s why I have created this page for you to tell us your experience about the examination. How Hard is JAMB CBT Examination? What is the big difference between JAMB CBT and JAMB Paper and Pencil Test? What type of difficulties did you face in the exam hall? What questions did they ask? How did the invigilator behave? Is there runs in JAMB CBT? How is your score?

Just tell us anything about JAMB CBT examination. Any information will be very useful for other students perform better. If you have not written your own yet, ask your friends who wrote JAMB CBT to come to this page and share his/her experience.

Simple use the comments section below and tell us what and what happened. See you on top.

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