Highest JAMB Score so Far in 2007 JAMB CBT Exam

What is the Highest JAMB Score so Far in 2017 JAMB CBT Exam? One of our candidates who uses mypastquestion.com website to prepare for JAMB CBT 2017 just squashed 342 in JAMB CBT 2017. For me, this is the highest JAMB Score I have seen so far in JAMB CBT 2017.

I wouldn’t know if that’s really the overall best JAMB score in JAMB CBT 2017 since I could not see the results of other candidates.

Highest JAMB Score

However, according to JAMB CBT 2017 Result Analysis, Breakdown and Statistics as well as oral reports, JAMB CBT 2017 has recorded the highest pass rate as compared to other JAMB examination written in previous five years.

I have personally checked the result for over 600 students so far and over 80% have gotten at least 180 aggregate score in JAMB. For me, this is a great improvement.

From what we observed so far, a good number of candidates did quite well in this year’s UTME with scores well above 200 and even 300.

Like I earlier said, computer based test is better since it has it’s many advantages over paper and pencil test.

Also many candidates have recorded a high score, others still find themselves below the required cut off mark for their schools.

Top Scores and Testimonies from Candidates

Gold Ukaegbu = 342

Amadu Hope = 272

Anieken Uboh = 270


I will be updating this page once we see the high scores.

Submit your JAMB Scores for Review and Help

Kindly submit your jamb scores in the comments section below so that we can know who got the highest score and also know how we can best advice you in-terms of admission.

My advice for these candidates with low JAMB score is to consider doing a change of course / institution to avoid missing this year’s admission.

Stay cool and God Bless.

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  1. My name is Juliet, my school of choice is IMSU, i score 211 in my jamb cbt exam.my course is nursing science. Please advise me on how to prepare for my post utme exam and how to make good grades. Which subject are my require to write. Please

  2. My class mate had 350 Surprised right????? Or may be am jst fabricating itz REAL!!!!!!!! anyways dat was 2015 his NAME is OJO PRECIOUS

  3. I did my jamb on the 7th of march and my sore was 198 and i heard that jamb is adding mark so how come. can i still expect it. although i did not use e-facility i used the chance of viewing given to us.

  4. My name is Victoria, I scored 232 in Jamb and I chose UniAbuja as my first choice University, I want to know the date for their Post-UTME exam as well as whether Uni-Abuja post-utme past questions are available with you.

  5. Firstly, I wanna thank God for making my jamb result a wonderful result, and for those that doesn’t make it, keep struggling and not relent…
    For making me discover this website isn’t a day job…
    Am also a blogger like you, hoping to get to the top one day…
    I score 226 in my jamb, I wanna study for economics in Unijos and accounting in Polyibadan… How many percent sure are you, I will be given admission in Unijos…
    You cab reply me privately, olaitanaderoju@gmail.com

    Have a blessed dat

    1. Yes you can get admission with that score but that will depend on the nature of your waec or neco result


  7. i choose uniport as my school of choice and i am applying for Electrical Electronics Engineering, i scored 222 in my jamb how did you pipo check

    1. UNIPORT JAMB Cut off mark is 180, so you can get admission with 222 but you need to score high also in popst utme. Remember the final admission consideration is taken from average between JAMB and Post utme exam. Success!

  8. i want to give glory to God, and i want to thank you so much for all your advice, suggestions, and messages. i scored 241

    1. I am very pleased to be part of your success @Anita. More Grace from God for your educational endevours.

  9. 2ndly is it possible for a student who left the university without referring/referral to return back to the university and continue from where he stopped???

  10. I scored 226… applying for Med lab sci in unijos??? What r my chances? What advice could u give???

  11. I also congratulate those who’ve written and also encourage those who’ve not to take the bull by the horn in ur EXAM. I WISH U ALL SUCCESS and A BIG CONGRATSSSSSSSSSS @ the team leader IFIOFKOBONG; u re one of a kind………………………and I wanna ask wats d cutoff mark for UNIZIK’s POSTUTME EXAM 4 Medicine & Surgery.

  12. why is it that some jamb result is not yet out e.g mine and some other candidate is not yet out since on 3rd of this montjh

  13. I must confess that am grateful that I’ve got to know this site before my POSTUTME although I hadn’t known of it before my JAMB EXAM and I’ve taken my JAMB EXAM and got 219, course: MED. SURG. institution: UNIZIK. But now am glad that am now part of this GREAT FAMILY and with HIGH HOPES my POSTUTME RESULT will be the best of it kind……………..LOVE YOU ALL

  14. My cbtjamb score is 241 marks and the school of my choice is ABU Zaria.pls I need the exact cut off mark for pharmacy at ABU.Thank,may God continue to be helping you coz I didn’t regret my my subscription to mypast.com

  15. Hey guys, at first i start by congratulating all of u who have made it, and also wishing the best of luck for those who have’nt write thier own yet,But for me i’am having 291..

  16. I will first give credit to God for helping me locate your site and also for the success I attain in my Exams I got 255 just checked it now.

    1. That’s not a bad score @Michael. Prepare for post utme exam with our post utme past questions. Tell us your school of choice so that we ca advice you well. Thanks

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