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Few Days to Your JAMB CBT Exam – 5 Things you should do Now

Few Days to Your JAMB CBT Exam – 5 Things you should do Now. All JAMB CBT candidates know what’s ahead of them considering the fact that they now have few days to their JAMB CBT exam. Like any other examination JAMB CBT has it’s own fears on the part of the students.

Of course, at the end of the exam, there will be many outcomes to expect.  Many candidates will have high scores while others will have low scores or missing results. Some of the registered candidates may miss the examination because of one thing or the other.

All these are the expected from the JAMB CBT examination. Now that you know the expected outcomes, it’s possible tune-up your level of preparedness for the exam to avoid any preventable unforeseen circumstance.

The fortunate thing is that you can stay up-speed and be ready for the exam and avoid any chance of failing, having missing result or even missing the exams.

Now that you have few days to your JAMB CBT exam – here are few things you should do now…

1. Reprint your slip: I always stress this point – you should reprint your jamb slip even about a day to the examination. This is because JAMB may decide to change your date and time of the exam without notifying anybody. Currently, information reaching us has it that candidates who reprinted their JAMB slip on the 2nd March should do the re-printing as there are alteration in the date and time.

2. Refresh your Computer Skills: No way out of this, the fact is that you will write this JAMB CBT on computer. So, you should refresh your computer skills. If you are not computer literate, simple rush-up and learn now.

3. Revise JAMB Past Questions and Recommended Books: All JAMB questions are recycled from past questions. The best way to score high in JAMB is to practice JAMB past question effectively. We have published many JAMB past questions on this website. You can even buy JAMB Past Questions in the local market for the cost of N200-N300. Also, make sure that you have covered all the recommended books.

4. Read JAMB CBT Instructions: There are certain important instructions you need to know. Read them here>>> JAMB CBT 2015 – Special Instructions to Candidates.

5. Read our valuable Resources. We have published so many helpful resources that can help anyone to pass JAMB CBT examination. Here are few of them here …

Those are the top 5 things you should do now as your examination date is drawing close. We will continue to feed you with the information and guidance you need until you pass your JAMB CBT.

Good luck to everyone. Share this post with friends.

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