Fed Poly Bida Rector, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, bows out in style

IT was a glorious exit for Engineer Abdullahi Sule who completed his second term in office as Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State. Sule joined the Polytechnic in 1984, served as Rector between 2006 to 2015 and is described by many as the architect of transformation of the Polytechnic.

At a send forth dinner organized in his honour by the Student Union Government held at the Auditorium of the school which attracted a large crowd, students, staff, management and ten former SUG Presidents, the SUG President, Christopher Ejike Emmanuel, said the tenure of Engineer Sule has impacted positively on the lives of people as within and outside the Polytechnic.

Emmanuel said “There has been massive structural development in our campus as he saw to the completion of the ICT Centre, many lecture halls, staff offices and total renovation of the student hostels. It was also during his tenure that we hosted the 18th Nigeria Polytechnic Games, and today, we have modern sports facilities and a new sports secretariat.

“He operates an open door policy, and though we sometimes disagree, we resolve them peacefully as he always preaches peace in whatever he does and the presence of 10 past SUG Presidents is a testament to that.” Also, the Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Bida Chapter, Comrade Muhammed Gbate, said “in my 16 years here, there have been infrastructural development on this campus, more courses have been accredited and the growth in number of staff has been unprecedented.

His leadership style has impacted on the Union as we have not been muzzle since 2006 and a lot of our members acquired their Ph.D during his tenure. The growth we experienced under Engineer Sule has never been witnessed since the establishment of the school. He has done well and and I pray whoever succeeds him will improve upon his legacies.”

These views were collaborated by the Deputy Rector, Dr. Abubakar Dzukogi, who said “he is extremely tolerant on people’s views and behaviours and there has been relative peace in the campus. In fact, there has been great success for the past nine years under Engineer Sule’s leadership.” describing Sule as a very humble, hardworking and kind hearted individual who hardly gets annoyed, the Registrar, Chief Bisi Adeyemi, said “no Rector has been honoured since the inception of the school, and the Council set up a Committee to hold a grand reception for him soon based on his achievement.”

Speaking after the handling over to his successor, the former Rector said his nine years as Chief Executive of the institutions has been of mixed feelings, saying he is satisfied with what the management has put in place. Sule said “I never dreamt of becoming a Rector because of the challenges encountered by schools, chief of which is poor funding, and I am appealing to government to increase the running cost for tertiary institutions.”

He enjoined the current management, led by the acting Rector, to implore ways of generating more funds to complete existing projects. “They should imbibe the spirit of patience and hardwork as the job demands. To my students, they should know their primary reason is academics, must avoid bad peer group so as not to be radicallise negatively”, Sule said

Despite a fulfilled service tenure, Sule revealed that he regrets not being able to kick start the solar project across the Polytechnic to improve security which was cut short due to poor funding. Engineer Abdullahi Sule joined the the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, in 1984 as Lecturer 1 in the Mechanical Engineering Department before becoming Director of School of Preparatory in 1986. In 2005, he was appointed Deputy Rector and a year later, acting Rector and was confirmed Rector in 2007.

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