English for Bank Exam : Antonyms Exercise – 3

The following sentences consist of a word or a phrase which is written in italicised letters. Each of them is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or the phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the italicised word or phrase.

1.    He was charged with abetting the murder of an innocent child.

(a) baffle
(b) instigate
(c) promote
(d) support

2.    Twenty point programme is aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the poor.
(a) aggravating
(b) mitigating
(c) eradicating
(d) appeasing

3.    How dare you desecrate an idol of this temple.
(a) defile
(b) pollute
(c) deify
(d) impious

4.    Though generous and benevolent, he did not neet with success in his career.
(a) beneficient
(b) malevolent
(c) goodwill
(d) liberal

5.    There exists rancour between the two brothers.
(a) animosity
(b) harmony
(c) devotion
(d) enmity

6.    Born in squalid sorroundings of the slums she rose to stardom overnight
(a) dirty
(b) clean
(c) disorderly
(d) mean

7.    Their family feud has taken ugly turn lately.
(a) brotherhood
(b) dispute
(c) fraternal
(d) quarrel

8.    Indian economy is basically dependent on fickle monsoons.
(a) unsteady
(b) benign
(c) stable
(d) capricious

9.    You are advised to show clemency to the defeated army.
(a) callousness
(b) mercy
(c) leniency
(d) kindness

10.    The Board of Directors showered encomium on the Chairman for his liberal policies.
(a) denunciation
(b) generosity
(c) tribute
(d) praise

11.    One usually feels languid on summer noons.
(a) brisk
(b) fussy
(c) drowsy
(d) listless

12.    Even a lunatic person sometimes talk intelligently.
(a) sane
(b) insane
(c) insensible
(d) mad

13.    Some have the habit of disparaging the success of their friend because of jealousy.
(a) belittling
(b) esteeming
(c) lauding
(d) castigating

14.    You are advised not to dessipate your energy on impracticable schemes.
(a) conserve
(b) deform
(c) waste
(d) utilise

15.    At his success in the examination he felt elated.

(a) exultant
(b) dejected
(c) resting
(d) jubiliant

16.    Counterfeit coins are in circulation because of negligence on the part of police authorities.
(a) spurious
(b) genuine
(c) truthful
(d) fake

17.The ministers was accused of indulging in nepotism.
(a) impartiality
(b) hatred
(c) condemnation
(d) indifference

18.    He made several attempts to placate his opponents
(a) infuriate
(b) defeat
(c) discourage
(d) deceive

19.    He was always fastidious while examining answer scripts.
(a) amiable
(b) discriminating
(c) critical
(d) judicious

20.    It is not difficult to take note of his immaculate style of writing.
(a) stained
(b) uneven
(c) impure
(d) flawed

21.    The research showed that the drug has pernicious effect on the health of the patients.
(a) fair
(b) advantageous
(c) beneficial
(d) satisfactory

22.    He produced cogent reasons for the change of policy.
(a) flimsy
(b) unconvincing
(c) improper

(d) simple

23.    The Prime Minister’s radio broadcast galvanized the people’s spirit.

(a) frightened
(b) pacified
(c) dampened
(d) ludicrous

24.There are many anecdotes about his sister who is an imperious personality.
(a) characterless
(b) pious
(c) arrogant
(d) submissive

25.    In facing adverse situations, he was very stoical.
(a) tactless
(b) flinching
(c) awkward
(d) assured

1(a),     2(a),     3(c),     4(b),     5(b),     6(b),     7(a),     8(c),     9(a),     10(a),     11(a),     12(a),     13(c),     14(a),     15(b),     16(b),   17(a),     18(a),     19(b),     20(a),     21(c),     22(b),     23(c),     24(d),     25(b)

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