Are You confuse about the jamb Mock Exam? see here if is compulsory or not

Test Driller Activation Key | Testdriller PINIn the last few days, i noticed some concern candidates are worried about the implications of missing the jamb mock exam and also the benefits of taking part. Jamb gave all registered candidates the privilege to select or not to select the mock exam in the course of registration. many did not select and why some that choose to take part in the exam are looking for a way to pull out due to unknown reasons.

However many candidates are scared of being sanctioned by jamb if the mock examination is boycotted as against their choice of selection in the course of registration.

The consequences of missing the jamb mock examination.

The good news is that missing the mock exam wont affect your jamb examination and neither will it reduce or add to your score. the mock exam was introduced by jamb for utme candidates to test run the jamb cbt platform before the commencement of the utme and to see if any glitches  or problems will surface and this will help jamb to be better prepared and well equipped for future circumstances.       jamb mock examination will also help the candidates to master the cbt platform before the exam day and the candidates might find the platform more friendly and easier on the day of the exam.


There will be no consequences or saction from missing the jamb mock examination and if there is any reasons for your absence, you do not need to be worried. You should only be worried for denying yourself the opportunity to access the jamb cbt platforms before 1.2 miliion candidates in Nigeria.

if you need further clarification or questions, feel free to ask…..

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