WHY? Same class but different syllabus for exams

Indore: It is bizarre and very confusing indeed. But that’s how it is. MA ( Hindi Litt) students of the same semester are taught same syllabus but when they appear exams, questions papers would be of different syllabus for them.In other words, some students will be served question paper based on old syllabus and the others on new syllabus.

Why the disparity?

The inequity is due to a blunder committed during the first semester exams last year. Since the semester system was launched, the university has been conducting exams both on new course and old course.

Exams on new course for colligate students and exams on old course for non- colligate ( private) students. The non- colligate students are the ones who could not clear the exams with their batch.During their attempts to clear the exams, the course of the programme changed.

Since the non- colligate students had studied old course, so the university holds exam for them on old course only.And for the new students exams are held on new course.Last year, the university had sent envelopes containing question papers of old and new courses to the exam centre.

At some centres, invigilators mistakenly opened envelopes of old course papers and distributed among the examinees.Since the old and new syllabi were almost same, the students did not find any problem in solving the papers but later it was learnt that the envelopes opened were meant for private students, exam of whom was scheduled some other day. Students at some centres were served right papers and some wrong at other centres.

The university was expected to cancel the exam held that day but it did not. Stating that the syllabus of both new and old courses were almost same, the university kept aside the issue.But it failed to anticipate technical problem ahead.

Later it was observed that the students who were served papers based on old course in the first semester exams would have to give second semester exams also on old course. They can’t be technically adopted for new course in the second semester.

Moved by the observation, the university issued a notice stating that the students appeared in the first semester exams on old course would have to write second same exams also on the old course. Besides, those appeared in the first semester exams on new course would have to appear in the second semester exam on new course.

“ From the third semester, both the old course students would be emerged with new course students,” said incharge exam controller Anil Sharma.

Source: freepressjournal.in

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