How to Check NOUN Admission List Online

See the step by step guide on how to check NOUN admission list.

How to Check Noun Admission Lists:

All interested persons should take note, that this guides will provide you, with the procedures on how to check NOUN list of admitted students on each program.

Step 1: The first step is to visit the institution official portal at NOUN School Website =

Step 2: When the website loads up, you are to check For Admission List, and Click on it.

Step 3: When the Admission List portal opens up, you are required to enter any of the following listed below;

Your Application Form Number,
Your Name, First Name, Middle Name or Surname. (You can ONLY enter one, either your first name, middle or surname, you can not enter the three names at once)

in the provided space. Upon hitting the Search button.

Step 4: If you enter your application form number, the search button will show you, YOUR admission status if you have been successfully admitted into the institution. However, if you enter either your first name, surname or Middle Name, you will be shown a list of candidates offered admission bearing the same name as you.

Yes, that is it! You can easily view the NOUN list of admitted students, who have been offered admission on each program session.

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