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How is CBT UTME Exams Written?

How is cbt utme exams written? This is the same question that is burning the mind of many jambites, especially those who are taking a computer based examination for the first time.

Like I always explain, computer based examination is a form of testing that requires the candidates to use computer to answer the questions instead of paper and pencil test.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board – JAMB announced that, starting from JAMB 2015, all candidates will be writing the JAMB UTME using computer.

So, How is CBT UTME Exams Written?

To answer this question, I have written a well informed article in the form of tutorial how this is done. See it here >>> JAMB CBT Tutorial. The article has helped so many candidates to have a glimpse of how the CBT exam will look like and how they can come out successfully. Go ahead to read the comments because responses to these questions and discussions are quit useful. Feel free to ask question if you have any difficulty.

The CBT UTME exam questions will resemble those of paper based test or dual based test because JAMB still uses the same syllabus and marking scheme in the current exam.

The only difference between JAMB CBT and the former paper and pencil test is that, instead of answering the questions on paper and pencil, you will be instructed to sit on a computer to answer the question.

Both the questions and answer sheets will be on the computer screen while you sit and use the mouse and computer keyboards to answer the questions. That is why I specially put up this frequently asked questions (FAQs) on JAMB CBT .

Are you afraid?

Don’t be. Because, JAMB CBT is better that paper and pencil test  and you can perform better and score high in the examination  if you do your homework very well.

If I were you, I will enroll for a short computer course (if you are not computer literate) to be acquainted with the basic use of computer peripherals.

Also, prepare very well with JAMB CBT Software (if you have) or simple get yourself used to this tutorial.

Our aim is to see you get high score in this year’s JAMB CBT Examination. So, we will give you the necessary support you deserve.

Hope this helps. If you have any question, kindly write them in the comments below, I will respond to it immediately.

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