10 Best Exam Tips from the Examsguru Himself

The Examsguru from India finally revealed the 10 best exam tips to help you come out in flying colours in your next exam.


These tips really work like magic:

Many candidates who use these tips give testimonies that they really work.

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1. Come prepared; arrive early for exams
Bring all the materials you need, such as pens and pencils, calculator, dictionary, and clock. And don’t bring what it’s not needed though.

This will help you have everything at hand and focus on the task Stay relaxed and confident
Remind yourself that you are well prepared and will come out all right.
Do not allow yourself to become anxious; if you feel anxious before or during a test, take several slow, deep breaths to relax.
Do not talk to other students before an exam; anxiety is contagious.

2. Be comfortable but alert
Choose a good place to take the exam.
Make sure you have enough room to work.
Keep an upright posture in your seat

3. Make a pre-exam review (if not timed)
Use 10% of their time reading carefully reading all the review
Highlight key terms and decide how to manage their time
As you read the questions, write brief notes indicating ideas you can use later in their responses.

4. Plan to answer the easy questions first…
and the most difficult questions last.
Answer exam questions in a strategic order

The most difficult questions should be answered last

Also, make sure you do more writing on the questions that have highest marks.

5. When you are writing a “multiple choice” test,
know when to guess
First eliminate answers you know are wrong.
Do not guess if you have no basis for your choice and whether it will be penalized for guessing
If your first choice is usually correct, do not change your answers unless you are sure of the correction

6. When you are writing a “dry run” test,
think before you write
Develop a brief outline for testing targeting a few words to indicate ideas you wish to discuss.
List these items on your list to indicate the order in which they will discuss

7. When you enter the examination “test”
go straight to the point…
State your main point in the first sentence
Use your first paragraph to provide an overview of your essay.
Use the rest of your essay to discuss these points in more detail.
Support points with specific information, examples, or quotations from your readings and notes

8. Reserve 10% of the examination time for review
Review your exam
Resist the urge to leave as soon have completed all items
Make sure you have answered all the questions.
Proofread your writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Check your math answers for careless errors (eg, errors in decimal). Compare your current answers to math problems with a quick estimate

9. Analyze test results
Each exam can prepare you for an upcoming test.
Use your tests to review when studying finals

10. Decide on what study strategy worked best for you and adopt it
Identify those that did not work well and replace.

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Add your own…

Do you have any other exam tips to share? If yes, let us have them in the comments section below. Share this tips if you like it.

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  1. Nice tips !! Being a digital era,Many board has also outsourced its study material that is now made available on the internet on various portals. Teachers guide the learners to look for the sample question papers from the appropriate websites to ensure credibility of results.

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