Babcock University Postgraduate Admission form is Out – 2017/18

Babcock University Postgraduate Admission form is Out -for the 2017/18session. See the admission requirements, available scholarship, application procedure and closing date here.

Babcock University Postgraduate Admission form 2017

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the 2017/2018 academic session in the underlisted programmes leading to the award of Post Graduate Diploma, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees of Babcock University.

Babcock University Postgraduate

Babcock University Postgraduate – Admission Sessions.

  • Regular Semester Module. This runs from September to April every year.
  • Elongated Semester Module. This runs for 24 weeks (Weekends only), beginning July every year.

Babcock University Postgraduate Available Programmes.


Program: Agricultural Economics
Degree in View: M.Sc.,
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Agriculltural-Economics

Program: Agronomy
Degree in View: M.Sc., PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Agro-Forestry
  2. Plant Breeding
  3. Horticulture
  4. Soil Science
  5. Plant Biotechnology

Program: Animal Science
Degree in View: M.Sc., PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Animal Nutrition
  2. Animal Breeding/Husbandry
  3. Biotechnology Applications
  4. Biostatistics


Department: Accounting
Degree in View: M.Sc.

Areas of Specialization:

  1. International Accounting
  2. Forensic Accounting
  3. Environmental Accounting
  4. Strategic Financial Management

Department: Business Administration & Marketing
Program: Business Administration
Degree in View: PGD, M.Sc., MBA, PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. International Business
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Human Resource Accounting
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. Corporate Governance
  7. Strategic Management

Program: Marketing
Degree in View: M.Sc., PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Strategic Marketing
  2. Marketing Communication
  3. Marketing Research
  4. Consumer Behaviour

Department: Economics, Banking and Finance
Program: Finance
Degree in View: M.Sc.
Areas of Specialization:

  1. International Finance
  2. Corporate Sector Finance

Department: Information Resources Management
Program: Information Resources Management
Degree in View: MIRM, PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Business Information Management
  2. Records Management
  3. Knowledge Management
  4. Health Information Management
  5. Library and Information Science
  6. ICT in Information Resources Management

Department: Mass Communication
Program: Mass Communication
Degree in View: PGD, M.Sc., PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Journalism and Publishing Studies
  2. Broadcasting
  3. Public Relations and Advertising

Department: Political Science & Public Administration
Program: Political Science
Degree in View: M.Sc., PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. International Relations
  2. Public Administration
  3. Local Government Administration
  4. Peace and Conflict Studies
  5. Law and Diplomacy

Program: Public Management
Degree in View: MPM, (Masters in Public Management)
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Leadership
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Local Government Management
  5. Public Sector Management
  6. Management of Non- Governmental Organizations


Department: Bio-Sciences and Bio-Technology
Program: Microbiology Degree in View: M.Sc.
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Medical/Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  2. Environmental Microbiology
  3. Petroleum Microbiology
  4. Industrial Microbiology


Department: Biochemistry
Program: Biochemistry
Degree in View: M.Sc., PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Nutritional Biochemistry
  2. Molecular Biology
  3. Lipid Biochemistry
  4. Biochemistry of Natural Products
  5. Industrial Biochemistry
  6. Enzymology


Department: Computer Science & Information Technology
Program: Computer Science
Degree in View: PGD, M.Sc., PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Management Information System
  3. Computer Security
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Networking and Telecommunication
  6. Human Computer Interaction
  7. Bio-Informatics
  8. Project Management


Department: History & International Studies
Program: Diplomatic Studies
Degree in View: MDS
Areas of Specialization:

  1. International Organizations
  2. Peace, Conflict and Strategic Studies

Program: History
Degree in View: MA
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Economic History
  2. Diplomatic History
  1. African History
  2. African Diaspora History
  3. Strategic Studies

Department: Languages & Literary Studies
Program: English Language
Degree in View: M.A PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Phonetics and Phonology
  2. Stylistics
  3. Pidgin and Creoles
  4. Socio-Linguistics
  5. Pragmatics

Program: English Literature
Degree in View: M.A, PhD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. African Fiction
  2. Literary Criticism
  3. Poetry and Drama
  4. Gender and Cultural Studies
  5. Oral Literature
  6. Comparative Literature

Department: Religious Studies
Program: Religious Studies
Degree in view: PGD
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Pastoral Ministry


Department: Nursing Science
Program: Nursing Science
Degree in view: M.Sc.
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Maternal Child Health Nursing
  2. Adult Health Nursing (Medical- Surgical)
  3. Community/Public Health Nursing
  4. Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
  5. Nursing Education
  6. Nursing Administration


Department: Public Health
Program: Public Health
Degree in View: MPH,
Areas of Specialization:

  1. Health Promotion and Education

Babcock University Postgraduate Admission Requirements.

Postgraduate Diploma: A graduate from a recognized University or a person with qualification adjudged to be equivalent to a first degree may be admitted.

Masters Degree:

A Candidate with a first degree from a recognized University with a minimum of a second class lower division may be admitted. A candidate with a good postgraduate diploma from a recognized University or with a professional certification in addition to first degree or HND may also be admitted to a Masters Degree programme.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree:

A candidate with a good Masters Degree not less than 60% average from a recognized University or4.00 CGPAon a 5 point scale maybe admitted.

Minimum Duration of Courses

Three or four semesters for the Masters Degree (e.g MPH = 4). M.Phil.: four semesters after the completion of the Masters Degree. Ph.D. six semesters for full time programme.

How to Apply for Babcock University Postgraduate Admission.

Application forms can be obtained online from our website: www.babcock.edu.ng by:

  1. Downloading and printing the Application Form in PDF format, fill it and return the hardcopy with the required documents and a non- refundable application fee of N10,000 paid into Babcock Microfinance Bank, or in bank draft drawn on the name BABCOCK UNIVERSITY from any bank. At the back of the draft fill the candidate’s names and choice of programme.
  2. Completed Application forms should be accompanied with photocopies of:
    1. Bachelor’s Degree/HND Certificate
    2. Master’s Degree Certificate for candidates proposing to pursue Ph.D.
    3. NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate for Nigerian Candidates
    4. Marriage Certificate or Evidence of Change of Name(s) where applicable
    5. 2 recent passport-size photographs
  3. Candidates should ensure that their academic transcripts are sent to the School of Postgraduate Studies from their former Universities. While provisional admission can be granted on the basis of certificates, no application is fully returned without the full transcripts of previous academic engagement; and this is the responsibility of the candidate. Application forms duly completed should be addressed and be sent by courier services or by hand to:
    The Secretary
    School of Postgraduate Studies
    Babcock University, llishan Remo, Ogun State

SCREENING EXERCISE: There will be Screening Exercise as will be announced for each of the modules.

*Teaching Assistantships/Scholarships worth N210,000 per annum are available for deserving postgraduate students.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information, contact 08072090645.

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