Available Courses Offered by EBSU Work and Study Programme

Work and Study Programme (WASP) is a weekend part-time studies programme of Ebonyi State University designed to offer opportunities to talented, intelligent and qualified working adults in various fields of life endeavours to acquire university education without having to give up their jobs.

Here are the Available Courses Offered by EBSU Work and Study Programme .

The Department/Programme options available for admission through WASP in Ebonyi State University in the 2015/2016 admission year include the following;

Faculty of Management Sciences

(a) Department of Accountancy and Banking and Finance

Options: (i) Accountancy

(ii)Banking and Finance

(b)Department of Business Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies

Options: (i) Business Management

(ii) Marketing

(c) Department of Public Administration.

Faculty of Social Sciences And Humanities

(a)Department of Economics

(b)Department of Political Science

(c) Department of Psychology and Sociological Studies

Options: (i) Psychology

(ii) Sociology and Anthropology

(d)Department of History and International Relations

(e)Department of Languages and Literary Studies.

Options: (i) English Language and Literature

(ii) Linguistics

(iii) Igbo

(iv) French

(f) Department of Philosophy and Religion

Options: (i) Philosophy

(ii) Religion

(g) Department of Mass Communication

Faculty of Sciences

(a)Department of Computer Science

(b)Department of Applied Biology

(c) Department of Industrial Maths/Statistics

Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Resources Management

(a)Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Management

(b)Department of Animal Sciences, Fisheries and Aquaculture (Fisheries only)

(c) Department of Crop and Landscape Management

(d)Department of Food Science and Technology

(e)Department of Soil and Environmental Management.

Faculty of Education

(a)Department of Arts and Social Science Education

Options: (i)Economics Education

(ii) English Language Education

(iii)Religion Education.

(iv) Social Studies Education

(v) Igbo Education

(b)Department of Business Education

Options: (i)Accountancy Education and

(ii)Secretarial Studies Education.

(c) Department of Educational Foundation

Options: (i) Guidance and Counselling and

(ii) Administration and Planning

(d)Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education

Options: (i) Human Kinetics Education.

(ii) Health Education.

(e)Department of Science Education

Options: (i) Biology Education

(ii)Chemistry Education

(iii)Computer Science Education

(iv)Integrated Science Education and

(v)Mathematics Education.

(vi)Physics Education.

(f) Department of Technology and Vocational Science Education

Options: (i)Building/woodwork Technology

(ii)Agricultural Science Education

(iii)Electrical/Electronics Technology Education and

(iv)Mechanical/Metal Work Technology

(v)Home Economics Education.

Health Sciences and Technology

B.Sc. Nursing Science (For candidates with registered Nursing (RN) Certificate only).


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