Henceforth, we the polytechnic students of Yabatech hereby plan to break away from the National association of Nigerian students having left us in the lurch.

NANS should rather converts itself to National Association of University students. We will form ours!
-Babajide Salvador president, SUG YABATECH

Gone are those days we used to have a media as being next to the sun in shining the rays of truth and probity throughout the land.

The Nigerian media are complicit in the dwindling poly education for their silence. You all have broken our hearts!

In as much as we see our society as an entity of selfishness, and our leaders as a useless, waste of space, we shall never feel shy to see NANS as a sitting lame duck watching its flock shiver in the rain.

NANS as a perpetual failure of cohesive and indefatigable articulation has betrayed our noble course.

For this reason, we seconded salvador in renouncing our comradeship under NANS.
Aluta continua!

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