Test Driller Activation Key | Testdriller PIN

Are you looking for test driller activation key? If yes you are in the right place. In this post, I’ll show you how to get authentic testdriller activation key for your jamb CBT software.

Testdriller PIN allows you to activate your test driller CBT software on your computer or phone.

Even if you are using jamb CBT software for windows on your computer or android app, you’ll need the testdriller pin to use it.

So many candidates are searching for test driller free activation key online. Others are looking for test driller crack.But let me tell you the truth, test driller activation code is not free. I’ll show you how to get it.

How to get Test Driller Activation key | Test driller PIN

Follow the instructions below.

1. Download the test driller  jamb CBT software Here for PC and Android

2. Install the software on your computer or phone

3. Click on how to activate and you’ll see your product code and our company account details.

4. Pay N2,000 to our company account for the activation code.

5. Copy your product key andYes it’s 2000 naira only. Pay to Gotoschool Limited 1015256082 Zenith Bank.

6. After payment send your product code to me on 08026529747. I’ll send the activation code to you.

You can now activate the software and practice for your exam.

We wish you success on your exams.

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