ACEONDO Revised Academic Calendar 2016/2017

ACEONDO Revised Academic Calendar 2016/2017. The management of Adeyemi College Of Education, Ondo (ACEONDO) has released a revised academic calendar for 2016/2017 academic session.


The breakdown of academic activities is as indicated below;

A. Harmattan Semester
Monday, 17th October, 2016- Teaching Practice Orientation begins for NCE III, Degree III and IV Students

Friday, 21st October, 2016-Teaching Practice Orientation ends for NCE III, Degree III and IV Students

Monday, 24th October, 2016-Teaching Practice begins for NCE III, Degree III & IV Students

Friday, 2nd December, 2016- Teaching Practice ends for Degree III & IV Students

Sunday,4th December, 2016-Students come into residence (Degree II,III,IV & NCE II).

Monday, 19th December, 2016-Screening exercise begins for freshmen

Friday,23rd December, 2016-Christmas/end of the year break begins.

Monday,2nd January, 2017-Christmas/end of the year break ends

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2017-(a) Freshmen comes into residence-(b) Registration begins for all categories of Students (c) Lecture begins for all categories of Students

Sunday, 15th January, 2017-Screening exercise ends for freshmen

Monday, 16th January, 2017-Orientation begins for freshmen

Friday, 20th January, 2017-Orientation ends for freshmen

Sunday, 29th January, 2017-Registration ends for all categories of students

Monday, 30th January, 2017-Registration with penalty begins for all categories of students

Sunday, 12th February, 2017-Registration with penalty ends for all categories of students

Friday, 17th February, 2017-Teaching Practice ends for NCE III Students

Wednesday,1st March, 2017-Matriculation for NCE Students

Tuesday, 2nd March, 2017-Matriculation for Degree Students

Friday,24th March, 2017-Lecture ends for all categories of Students

Monday,27th March, 2017-Revision begins

Friday,31st March, 2017-Revision ends

Monday,3rd April, 2017-Harmattan Semester Examination begins

Friday,14th April, 2017-Public Holiday

Monday,17th April, 2017-Public Holiday

Friday, 28th April, 2017-(a) 2016/2017 Harmattan Semester Examination ends (b)Harmattan Semester break begins

B. Rain Semester
Sunday,21st May, 2017-Students come into residence

Monday,22nd May, 2017-(a) Registration begins for all categories of students
(b) Lecture begins for all students

Sunday,11th June, 2017-Registration ends for all students

Monday,12th June, 2017-Registration with Penalty begins

Sunday,25th June, 2017-Registration with Penalty ends

Friday, 11th August, 2017-Lecture ends for all students

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