9 Reasons Why Usa Is Still No. 1 In The Higher Education Sector

Around the world, USA is considered one of the best countries to live in. Where education is concerned, USA is the number one destination. Yes, apart from the fact that it is extremely expensive to survive here, this country is definitely one of the hot-spots for students around the globe. Universities in USA dominates the education sector. Students who pass out from here are extremely well-qualified professionals. They are the talk of the town and all the big corporates are waiting to hire them.

Here are few reasons why studying would be the best thing you ever do.


  1. High Standard of Living: There is no doubt that US has one of the best standards of living around the world. People flock from all around the world to this country, for a better shot at life.
  1. Diversity: People from all around the world are living here. America, after everything has a very liberal government and tolerate crowd that accepts and acknowledges very religion and culture. This mixed society is perfect especially for students. People who come from various parts of the world, find themselves in an environment that gives them an opportunity to learn and accept diversity. This quality makes them great candidates for jobs at a global level.
  1. Top Universities in World: America has always been regarded as one of the top countries for education in the world. It constantly holds the top spots where the best universities are concerned. Students who pass out from these universities are always revered and looked up to in their work place. Their credentials are always admired and recognized. For example Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkley, Princeton, Yale, Caltech and UCLA are the most coveted universities in the world.
  1. Variety of Courses: There are over 2000 universities, colleges and institutes in USA. These institutions are spread through the length and breadth of this city. They provide a variety of courses ranging from professional degrees like MBA, engineering etc. to creative arts like film making, photography, graphic design etc.
  1. International Opportunities: Being a student from a reputed university in USA, opens plethora of doors for you. The combination of studying in diversity and also holding a US degree opens a lot of international opportunities. Companies around the globe would be looking to hire you. Studying here would be the biggest launch pad for your future.
  1. Higher Pay: The best perks of being a graduate from an American University is the probability of getting a higher pay than your peers. Companies are ready to take in graduates from the top 10 universities at whatever cost. They know that the students are tailor made to perfection with both practical and theoretical knowledge.
  1. Travel and Explore: Living in the States, definitely gives you the opportunity to travel in and around the country. The students get to explore new cities, meet new people etc.
  1. Financial Support: Though American colleges are expensive, they do offer great financial support if needed. However the students are required to have certain qualification for the eligibility criteria for the scholarships. Universities offer a variety of scholarships. At times they can cover the full tuition fees, otherwise a fraction of the cost would definitely be covered.
  1. Become Independent: Living abroad and away from home, gives the opportunity to students to become independent and self-reliant. Student because more responsible and grow up to be stronger human beings.



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