8 Effective Methods on How to Win a Scholarship in the USA

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So, are you in a hunt for a scholarship? Are you looking for actionable tips on how to land it?

Excellent. Thi blog post will reveal to you the most effective steps you need to take to increase your odds of winning a scholarship.

However, you need to understand that it’s not going to be easy. You need to be determined to win it and actually implement these tips.

Are you ready?

Perfect. Let’s start with the 1st step.

Step#1 – Get the Right Mindset

Before you even start applying for a scholarship, make sure you get the right mindset. This is very important. Otherwise, chances are all your efforts will be in vain.

Win a scholarship in your mind first. You may think now “What are you talking about?” Well, you need to get the determination to win a scholarship no matter what! Do Will Smithing.

Step#2 – Find the Best Scholarship Opportunities

What if you could find better scholarship opportunities than other applicants? Why not do this? How?

There are several ways:

  • use special scholarship search sites and tools like Scholly, Fastweb, Niche, Cappex, Scholarships.com, Chegg, College Board Scholarship Search, Peterson’s.

  • use Google + keywords like “Scholarship Search tools”, “scholarship websites”

  • ask your guidance counselor for advice

So, you’ve found dozens of sites. What’s next?

Step#3 – Create the list of All Opportunities You’ve Found

Now, create a new spreadsheet and put there all the websites and opportunities. Give yourself a break. Take a fresh look at those sites. Decide which opportunities are worth your attention and efforts.

The main thing is to stay focused. So, think about how many opportunities you can take at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

Step#4 – Write a Custom Winning Scholarship Essay for Each College of Your Choice

The next step is to compose a great scholarship essay for each college. There are some set requirements that you need to meet. It’s very important to follow all the instructions as closely as possible.

Each scholarship essay should be custom. So you need to complete it from scratch every time. Avoid quotes in your scholarship essays.  Make them original and outstanding. Make sure to meet the word count limit but don’t break it.

As you can see, creating winning scholarship essays for several colleges may be very challenging and time-consuming. If you feel too stressed, you can opt-in for write essays for cheap.

Step#5 – Edit and Proofread Your Scholarship Essay Several Times

Make sure you have some time to edit and proofread all your essays before you turn them in. Take your time to reread them several times. Read them aloud. If you feel some parts are not smooth, rewrite them.

Here’s one crucial point to take into account. If you are not completely confident in your own editing or proofreading skills, turn to professional editors.

Step#6 – Make Your Profiles on Social Media Look Clean and Professional

Admission officers will most likely google your name and check your social media profiles. They do it in most cases. So, get prepared for this. Clean up your social media profiles. Make sure you don’t have weird photos there that will make you feel awkward.

Alternatively, you can hide some photos from the timeline (if you don’t want to delete them). Don’t overcomplicate it. Just think what you want admission officers to see and what kind of impression it will make on them.

Step#7 – Ask Your Tutors for Letters of Recommendation in Advance

Letters of recommendation are a very important part of the scholarship application process. So ask your tutors to compose them for you. Don’t leave it till the last moment.

Do it in advance as tutors may need some time to compose letters of recommendation for you. It may be not ethical to rush your tutors. So, it’s always better to avoid the risk of missing the scholarship application deadline.

Step#8 – Be Always Ready to Go an Extra Mile

Some scholarship applications may contain additional and optional questions. Never ignore them. If you skip them, admission officers may think that you don’t care. Of course, it won’t give you an advantage. Just on the contrary. You’ll do yourself a disservice in this way.

Always be ready to go the extra mile. It will make a good impression on admission officers.

If you take your time to master the mindset of the winner (see the first step), it won’t be a problem for you.


Here you go. Now, you’ve got 8 most effective steps that you need to take to win a scholarship essay in the USA. Hopefully, they will help you hit your goals and achieve your dream.

If you find them useful, don’t forget to share these tips with your peers.



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