15 Business you can start with 50,000 in Nigeria Today

do you want to start a new job and you have only 50,000 in your bank account….well there are different jobs you can start today with just 50,000 and such job require little capital. with the situations of the Nigeria economy, many are unemployed, people are laid off everyday and some do know to be a salary earner to avoid the risk of unknown.

The good news is that you can start a small business with the little cash you have at hand and some of these business will be listed below.

  1. sales of soft drinks and snacks
  2.  home lesson for children.
  3.  mini Laundry service
  4.  sales of phone accessories
  5.  sales of software and films
  6. barbing saloon
  7. game centre
  8. sales of recharge card and sim card
  9.  sales of used wears
  10.  production of bathing and washing soap
  11.  car wash
  12.  sales and distribution of eggs
  13.  sales of chicken feed
  14.  mini gas refill outlet
  15.   multi choice agent [gotv and dstv agent]

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