10 Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB CBT Examination

There are very many reasons why students fail JAMB CBT examination. Most of these reasons still remain unknown to many candidates.

Well, in this article, I will explain the possible reasons why students fail JAMB CBT and propose possible solutions to enable you to stay stay guarded.

Read more to discover more. Feel free to add more tips in the comments section if you have.

Here are the 10 Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB CBT Examination.

  1. Computer Illiteracy: Computer illiteracy means a situation whereby someone does not have the knowledge to operate or use computer. It is not possible for a students to pass JAMB CBT without being a computer literate. Remember, the examination will be written using computer and you have to learn how to write JAMB CBT Using computer. So, if you are not a computer literate, better find a place and learn computer now.
  2. Fear: Fear is the number #1 cause of failure in any examination. Of course you can combat fear my improving on your self confidence. Tell yourself “I can do it” and be courageous about it. Have the feelings that you’ll score above 300 in your JAMB CBT.
  3. Lack of Preparation: This is another major cause of failure in JAMB CBT, and so do other examinations. There’s a popular saying that “failure to prepare means preparation for failure”. So, go back to your books. Use JAMB Past Questions and Answers and prepare for your exam.
  4. Lack of Time Management: Time management is very important in JAMB CBT. This is because candidates are timed directly by the computer.
  5. Too much confident: Overconfidence makes some students to relax into reading. Being too much confident will harm you. This type of students only realizes that they are nobody only when the result is out.
  6. Spending too much time in One Questions: Time management in the exam hall is very important. Some students spend too much time on one question and before they realized, the time allotted for the exams has been exhausted.
  7. Failure to Obey Instructions: Instructions in the examination hall is an examination itself. Failure to obey the instruction is failure to pass the examination. Simple! Do exactly what you are told to do and avoid doing what you are not told to do.
  8.  Malpractice: If you bring with you anything like expo into the exam hall, this can lead to your failure. Expo cannot help you to pass examinations, instead your God given brain. If you are caught, your paper will be squeezed immediately.
  9. Disorganization: Turning up to an exam with your notes scrawled all over crumpled sheets of A4 that are arranged in no apparent order and seeing everyone else bring out colour coded files before sharpening all their pencils to the same length will do nothing for you confidence.
  10. Lateness to the Examination Venue: This is very important. If you turn up to the venue later that 30 minute to the commencement of the examination, it means that you have failed already. So, its good to go to the venue about 30 minute to the start of the exam.

Your Thoughts!

Do you have any other reasons why students fail JAMB CBT examination? If yes, use the comments sections below. Let’s hear you out.

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    1. You are very correct @young jon, prayer is the key and should be used along with proper preparation. Good thought!

  1. Thanks so much… I am always motivated by all your post…. God will continue to bless you and water your b garden….

  2. Why students fail jambcbt is bcus
    1:some students double click instead of clicking once.
    2:some students do guess work for d ones dey dont know instead of leaving it like dat.
    3:time management.not just only dat some dont luk at their time while doin d exam.if d time reaches 2min its better 2 start rounding up,and clicking finish for each subjects den submit.
    4: der re 4 subjects for example maths english chemistry and physics,its advisable to start wif english bcus its over 100 while others re 50,follow by either chem or physics den lastly maths.
    5:spend 45mins for each subject. just b fast but dont rush, read and answer carefully.
    If you students abide in dis instructions i asure u guys dat u will pass in flying colours and lastly prayers b4 starting

  3. Hello,
    please i want you to enlight me more about this jamb tins because i wanna go for it. I really need your encouragement. Thanks

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